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Freeview & Freesat

Great TV - no monthly subscription!

  • Freesat – Subscription free Satellite TV
  • Freeview – Subscription free Digital TV

offers around 150 channels and works much like Sky TV, using a minidish or communal satellite system in conjunction with a Freesat receiver. Freesat offers many more channels than Freeview and often comes with recording features much like Sky. For free advice and pricing call our team on

offers around 40 channels (depending on your choice of receiver) and works with a digital aerial, similar to the traditional analogue aerial.

As you may already know the digital switch over has already taken place. Freeview works with a digital aerial, not unlike the analogue aerial you likely used to have. As well as this you require a freeview receiver, of which there are several options. For prices and information call us now on 01726 883322.

You could also consider Subscription - Sky TV For prices and the latest offers call our friendly sales team.

For free advice and pricing call our team on
01726 883322

FreeSat Box
As with Freeview, Freesat receivers come with many functionality choices. The advantages are you can gain access to more channels with Freesat and with some receivers you can record one channel whilst watching another, much like Sky TV.

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Freeview Box
There are several varieties of Freeview receivers you can choose from, giving you the ability to select the features you want. Features range from built in recording

to advanced TV planning tools, or you can choose a basic receiver if that’s all you need.

CALL US NOW ON 01726 883322
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The CAI are the recognised body for the aerial and satellite industry.